Thank God for the internet. A note on a Rhode Island grocer’s shelf has gone viral, informing consumers everywhere that the popular“natural” cereal brand Kashi actually contains genetically engineered grains. This is importanGenetically Modified Cerealt because the product claims to be “natural” (which is why many consumers buy it) and we are learning just what “natural” means- NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! I have done a show a while ago on GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). The modifications, for example, in the case of soy beans used in Kashi, is genetically engineered to withstand the pesticide Roundup so that the crops are little affected by insects. Genetically engineered food products have not met the rigor of safety testing. Several tests have shown what may be a change in YOUR genetics as a result of consuming GMO foods. The FDA has sold out to the agricultural lobby which is exceptionally powerful. What this will mean for future generations or for that matter what eating this stuff will do to you is anyone’s guess. By the way, there is no requirement that food labels advise you that they are made with GMO’s !!!!!!!! BUT,there is a way to be sure that you are eating GMO free food and I will tell you that in a moment.Genetically Modified Cereal

As a result of consumer outrage, the Kashi brand, which is owned by Kellogg Company, has now pledged to use at least 70 percent certified organic ingredients by 2015—a move that may be too little, too late for many health conscious consumers. The pledge came just days after initially trying to further mislead consumers by denying the test results, which had found Kashi GoLean cereal contained 100 percent genetically Genetically Modified Cerealengineered soy. The futile but I am sure costly spin that paid public relation (PR) prostitutes for Kellogg tried to spread was impressive as it tried to discredit the testing agency and then dizzy the public with untruths. But, it has not worked I think on those of us who are GMO savvy. Of course, most of America is consuming this kind of product and thinking that it’s “natural” so it must be safe- not! Look, I want Kellogg and other companies to succeed (our economy is in a depression that we have chosen to call another name), but, good business is based on competitiveness, transparency as well as pricing. GMO products and ingredients are cheaper. That’s why they are used. The question is IF the public knew the dangers to themselves and their children and IF they knew they were consuming GMO products would they elect to buy those products or choose other brands that are safer?

The ONLY label that can protect you against genetically engineered ingredients, synthetic pesticides, and other harmful additives is the USDA 100% Organic label.

Genetically Modified Cereal