RiboflavinThere was a small study of patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) who belong to a genotype found in 10% of the world population- many of whom are from Northern China (20%) and Mexico (32%). In a small but well done study their blood pressures were reduced with a small dose of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). The drop could be enough on its own, but it could bring blood pressures into the normal range with medications where before it was difficult to get enough control. First, it may be worth discussing this with your health care provider. If you are having trouble controlling your blood pressure with medications, there are MANY possible reasons, but a trial of B2 (remember small dose or through your diet) is not unreasonable to see if it helps.

RiboflavinRemember, you truly have little or no idea what your actual gene pool is.

This brings up another topic. I recommend Genetic Geneology. How did we end up where we are today? Where did you really come from? DNA studies have shown that people shared a common ancestor who lived in Africa between 50,000 to 200,000 years ago. As our ancestors migrated out of Africa into the rest of the world, small changes called mutations occurred in their DNA. As generations passed, each mutation links our ancestor to a specific time and place in history. The mutations that we find in our own DNA tell the story of our own ancestral past.

Genetic Genealogy allows us to trace the path of our ancestors and find out who they were, where they lived and how they have migrated throughout the world. Find the race of your ancestors by discovering your haplogroup. Were they European, and if so, which haplogroup did they belong to? Do you have a Native American Ancestry? What about African ancestry? Do you belong to the famous Jewish Cohanim line? Were you related to Niall of the Nine Hostages? You can actually find out these interesting facts and many more. You can actually get packages that trace maternal and paternal lineage. I have NOTHING to do with this program financially. This is information that will increasingly have application in the modern world as we learn more about risks of various racial and ethnic groups. Besides, it is just so fascinating to know from whence you really came. I will give you this warning:

If you are a racist you may not enjoy the results that you get. You may find that part of your make up is from Africa and then what will you do- stand in front of the mirror and hurl racial epithets at yourself? What if you curse the Chinese (Yellow Peril) for their achievements and find out that part of your heritage is from Asia? You could be anti-Semitic and find out that your blood carries lineage of the Hebrew tribes! Your blood line may have Arabic roots. Then what? So, if you want to find out how marvelous and diversified your heritage really is, then this is for you. If you want to deny reality, evolution and genetics and continue under the moronic impression that God made you pure and and that like some you want to keep America “WHITE” then I suggest you do NOT do the test and run for the Arizona legislature where you will have a lot of friends