I am no fan of breaking the law (our law) or of Wal-Mart! But, this whole big deal about “bribes” to expand stores in Mexico is really a non-issue- at least on the Mexican side of the border. Pay offs/Bribes (Mordidas) has always been a part of the CULTURE of Mexico. NO business is conducted if you do not pay respect in this unwritten “law”. It is the cost of doing business. While I feel bad that Wal-Mart does not have competition from Mexican retailers, the “bribes” they paid are entirely within the operational norm of Mexico. As for what is legal or not on this side of the border, I have no idea. But, for Wal-Mart to have expanded there was no other way to operate.

That no one has acknowledged this shocks me. What is even more shocking is that there are those here in the U.S. that talk of the Mordida as if we are “better” than these “corrupt” Mexicans. First, do you think that Super Pacs is not a form of bribery? What about $50,000 lectures on who knows what and a private plane to get you there after you leave public office? Is that not pay BACK?

I cannot comment about OUR laws with regard to what we do in another country. I appreciate the intent to keep us “clean” elsewhere, but, in fact, we need to start operating within the accepted system of the nation we are working with or in. I am not condoning the bribe, but I am not prepared to criticize anyone else’s culture- at least until we clean up our own.